Wild Shock

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Have them choose one card from a deck of cards. Take 6 jokers out of the envelope and lay them out on the table. As you rub the opponent's cards against the joker, it will change into the card one after another as if the joker were disguised, and finally all the cards will be the chosen card!

"Wild Shock" is Tenyo's arrangement of the classic magic known as "Wild Card" in the world of card magic, making it easier for beginners and making it look more mysterious than ever before.

The attached textbook explains two procedures, one that can be shown without any skill, and another that can be shown vividly with techniques. This is an introductory manual with the largest number of illustrations and pages in the history of the series. Even those who have never done card magic can enjoy learning this authentic magic.

In addition to the joker, a set of blank cards (pure white cards) is also included. You can also perform a procedure in which the cards selected for blank cards are printed one after another.

Please enjoy this masterpiece of magic that gives you the impact of falling off your chair.

Instructions by: So Sato