Ultra Gravity Box

Ultra Gravity Box

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A mysterious box that can't be lifted!

A super unique magic that prevents the transparent card box from being lifted up only by the opponent. It is very strange because you can be lifted immediately. It can also be used as a playing card case.

  • Put the playing cards in a transparent card box, place it on the table, and wrap it in a circle with a string.
  • I tell him to pull the box out of the string within 3 seconds... Strangely enough, he can't pick it up! But now you can pick it up and show it!
  • You can ask them to make sure there is nothing in the bottom of the box.

The box is a special specification that can hold poker size playing cards.
*Playing cards are not included. Please use what you have

Original Idea: Think Paradox® and Mago Inaki