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Let your opponent name one of the cards completely freely. Take out a stack of pure white cards and show them that there is nothing printed on the back or front. When you place a stack of cards on the mat and move it around, Sharaku's famous ukiyo-e prints will appear vividly, with the name of the selected card drawn on it.

The technique of flipping over a close-up mat, moving the playing cards like a paintbrush on the rubber backing, and using the friction to spread the cards was devised by Michael Webber, and has been published by several magicians since the 1980s. I'm here. In 2011, Mr. Justin Flom, a magician living in Las Vegas, USA, applied this idea and created a ``Card Artistry'' where he used playing cards to create a tile-like picture of the Mona Lisa, and won a card chosen from the picture. ”, which became a hot topic of conversation.

The Tenyo development staff was fascinated by this phenomenon of vivid pictures, and spent several years considering commercialization. At that time, the technique used in this magic called farow shuffle is not easy, the opponent cannot examine the cards lined up on the mat after the picture appears, and the opponent is allowed to choose cards ``totally freely''. I started to think of things that I couldn't do as challenges that I wanted to overcome in order to release Tenyo Magic. After repeatedly producing dozens of prototypes, we cleared each of these challenges one by one, resulting in the current product.

Original Effect: Justin Flom (Card Artistry)
New system: Kenichi Komiya