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From the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that are disjointed, choose one without looking at the pattern. When you remove the cloth from the table, you will find a completed puzzle with one piece missing. When you put the selected pieces together, the puzzle will fit perfectly!

In 1997, American Lee Earl, a master of mental magic, published the original idea of ​​this magic, Puzzle Perception, in his book "SYZYGY". The phenomenon of predicting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle chosen by the audience with the completed puzzle had a strong appeal that made many magicians around the world want to perform it themselves. As a result, many products imitating the phenomenon were sold without the consent of the creators.

Mr. Lee Earl argued in his book, ``When choosing a piece, do not try to 'improve' using extra tools such as plastic bags and envelopes.' Unfortunately, however, many of the products sold used special devices such as bags to make you choose specific pieces.

For several years, Tenyo also wanted to commercialize this fascinating phenomenon, but we were unable to find a way to let people choose the essential pieces. It also had to be a solution that lived up to the creator's claims in order to get Earl's official license to sell.

The secret used in "Miracle Last Piece" is the application of an old principle that has been around for over 100 years, but it's exactly the method that allows you to choose one of the spread pieces without using any unnecessary tools. is. Mr. Earle, who learned of Tenyo's method during the negotiations that followed, was also very pleased, saying, "It was the method I should have come up with."

Draft: Lee Earl
Devising a new mechanism: Kenichi Komiya