Smart Guillotine

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Set the blade-shaped black plastic plate on the transparent stand. Insert a rolled bill or your opponent's finger into the hole in the stand, and lower the blade all at once. It's a shocking phenomenon, but it's totally safe and mysterious magic.

"Guillotine" is an attractive theme that magic creators want to challenge someday, and various tricks have been considered all over the world. The fun of guillotine magic lies in the combination of the mystery of penetrating magic and the thrill of "I wonder if my finger will be cut off...?"

Tenyo also had a product called "See-Through Guillotine" (1977, invented by Shigeru Sugawara/discontinued), which arranged the classic guillotine magic in a more mysterious way, but this "Smart Guillotine" has not been used for penetrating magic until now. It uses a new principle, and even a magician would have a hard time cracking the gimmick.

The black board is first made to be tapped or rubbed with a finger by the opponent to confirm that it is a hard, seamless plastic material. Also, the stand is transparent and there is no space to hide anything. Then, no matter how you think about it, the "blade" that is lowered has no way around the bills and fingers... That is the biggest mystery of this magic.

When you discover its surprising gimmick, you'll understand why it's called "smart."

Created by: Takayuki Kumazawa