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Show 5 cards, A to 5. When you ask "Which card is the biggest?" and the other person answers "5," the size of the cards themselves changes! The "5" card is insanely small and the "A" is huge! It is a masterpiece card magic with outstanding impact that will make you cheer! Comes with a special case so you can take it out and show it right away.

With King Size Surprise

Toyohisa Saikawa, the inventor of this magic, has been active as an exclusive magician on the luxury liner "Asuka" for many years and has been called the "magician on board". "Size Surprise" is one of Mr. Saikawa's masterpieces, and it is a card magic that has become a hot topic all over the world because it can be done gently in addition to the impact of the phenomenon.

Tenyo comes with a new special case that can be displayed immediately after taking it out, and also comes with a size surprise of the King version, which was commercialized for the first time.

Created by: Toyohisa Saikawa