Screen Clean

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If you press a red silk handkerchief against the screen of your smartphone, it will pierce through the screen and pass through to the other side. If you pull the handkerchief from behind, it will go through your smartphone completely.

Please use your own smartphone. If you don't have one, you can use a nearby box of sweets or playing cards to show it. (Some items cannot be used, so please refer to the attached manual for details.)

When the development staff saw this magic, they were astounded by the surprising phenomenon. And when I learned the trick, I took my hat off to the genius idea and immediately We started negotiations with the inventor, Mr. Jeimin, about commercialization. After the contract, when Tenyo released "Smartphone Illusion", it was already Jeimin's original Silk Thru Phone was a hit with magicians around the world. However, Mr. Jeimin liked the Tenyo version, which added a unique twist to the package with a photo of his face, and after that, he started recommending "Smartphone Illusion".

Invented by: Jeimin (Korea)