Revived Newspaper

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Tear a sheet of newspaper in half and then in half again. If you unfold the newspapers that have fallen apart, they will return to the original one sheet in an instant. It is a standard magic that can be shown in various scenes, from full-fledged stage performances that hundreds of people can see, to sideshows at parties and banquets, and it always gets a round of applause.

The magic of tearing up newspapers and putting them back together is extremely popular, and to this day, many magicians, such as Tony Slydini, Alex Elmsley, and Gene Anderson, have come up with various methods with their own characteristics and have long made it part of their repertoire. I was. However, regardless of the method, it was necessary to prepare by cutting the newspaper with scissors and pasting it with glue. Moreover, in acting I actually ripped the newspaper, so I had to do that tedious preparation every time. Tenyo has developed its own mechanism to make it easy to perform. Using the day's newspaper I bought, I was able to prepare it in 5 minutes without scissors or glue.

Inventing a new mechanism: Kenichi Komiya