Money Shock (1,000JPY version)

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Take out 5 bill-sized blank papers and show the back and front. At the next moment after arranging 5 bills and folding them in half, everything changes to a 1,000-yen bill. Five 1,000 yen bills are carelessly It is placed on the table and handed over to the other party for examination, but of course it is all genuine.

British magician Patrick Page devised Easy Money, a masterpiece that has been performed on stage and on television by many magicians, including Dutch master Fred Kaps and legendary magician Doug Henning. At Tenyo, in releasing this phenomenon as a new magic, 1. 2. Ready within 1 minute of purchase. 3. Do not damage bills and restore them immediately if necessary. We proceeded with development with the three goals of being able to handle banknotes after they have changed more naturally. As a result, the ideal bill magic that realized everything was completed, and it became a best hit product with 10,000 yen bill version, Euro / US dollar version, and Chinese yuan version released. (This product is for 1,000 yen bills.)

New Construction by: Kenichi Komiya