Miracle Milk Chocolate

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The corners of the chocolate disappeared and disappeared, and the corners of different colors were replaced. It's a fun magic using a model of chocolate that looks just like the real thing!

The moment you hold it in your hand, you will be amazed at the ingenuity and precision of its mechanism. Once you understand the unique secret of this gimmick, you should be able to understand why the motif of "bar chocolate" was used. The shape of the chocolate bar is used really well.

After devising a mechanism that allows chocolate horns to disappear and revive at will, the developers realized that by using another horn of a different color, a greater variety of phenomena could occur.

The instruction manual explains how to show simple, more fun procedures using two, and techniques to make it look like no gimmicks.

This is Tenyo, with an amazing mechanism hidden behind its cute appearance that looks like a food sample! It is an item that you can feel.

Created by: Toru Suzuki