Magical Hexagon

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Vivid magic to the eyes using yellow and black hexagonal rings. Rings that are often redesigned are replaced in an instant, and the color changes in front of your eyes... You can show a series of super visual and mysterious phenomena.
With clever techniques and bold principles hidden in simple tools, you can easily master it!
(with special case)

Since ancient times, various methods have been devised for the theme of magic that changes the color of an object. In many cases, the tools used have complex tricks or use difficult techniques. However, this Magical Hexagon makes the most of the opponent's preconceptions and illusions, so that even though it is a simple trick, it has an eye-opening effect. No difficult techniques required.

The basic idea of ​​Tane has been around for a long time, but by making it a hexagon (= hexagon) and devising a method to effectively handle it, a variety of transformation and exchange magic that has never existed before. A possible object was born. The holes in the ring also play a role in enhancing the effect.
It is a unique type of magic that surprises you when you see the phenomenon, and is even more amazing when you touch it yourself.

Created by: So Sato