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If you insert tweezers into the small hole in the card and pull it out, a 500 yen coin larger than the hole will appear at the tip. Every time you insert the tweezers, a 500-yen coin appears, and at the end, if you hold one of them in your hand, it turns into a 1,000-yen bill!

Mario Lopez is one of Spain's top magicians. The Tenyo staff were fascinated by his work called "Chinese Tweezers". It involves inserting tweezers into the hole in the middle of a Chinese coin (Chinese-style coin) and picking out coins that are much larger than the hole one after another. However, Mr. Lopez's performance had a fairly high hurdle for many people to enjoy because it was necessary to use a coin and tweezers without a gimmick and make full use of a highly difficult technique. Therefore, Tenyo has developed a new mechanism to make it look "relatively" gentle. When I showed the prototype to Mr. Lopez, he was very surprised and said, "How the hell did you do it?"

Original Effect: Mario Lopez (Spain)
Gimmick devised by: Kenichi Komiya