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Among countless card magics, it is rare to come across such a masterpiece. It is unique, fun, and mysterious, all of which are first-class magic, and in fact, many professional magicians have it in their repertoire. Using a small miniature plunger (yes, that clogged sucker!) and a deck of cards, you can put on a three-stage, few-minute show. Moreover, almost no techniques used in card magic are needed. If you don't have it yet, please try to master it.

It was invented by genius magician Matthew Biche from France, and a fun presentation using a plunger by John Armstrong from the United States.

[Magic 1]
Line up several cards on the table, suck the plunger, and of course suck the first card, then one after another and collect it on your hand.

[Magic 2]
Next, ask them to choose a number they like and say that number to the plunger. When you press a plunger against a deck of playing cards, several cards are sucked and lifted. When you count the number, it is the number that the other party said.

[Magic 3]
Finally, pull out one card from one set and have them choose it, put it back inside and shuffle it. After asking the plunger to say the name of the card you chose (or after sucking the plunger on the opponent's forehead and sucking up the "thoughts"), press it against the cards, and about half will be bundled. lift up. When you show the top card of the remaining playing cards, it is the card that the opponent chose.

■ What's inside American-made playing cards "Bicycle" 1 set Miniature plunger Gimmick developed by Tenyo

Created by: Mathieu Biche (France)
Presentation: John Armstrong (USA)