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A special playing card made just for Magic. Two special tricks are hidden, and you can show 20 kinds of magic explained in the attached manual. They look like normal playing cards, and in fact your opponent won't know the secret at all if you use them in a game.

A trick deck is a special playing card that is specially designed for magic. This "Magic Trump" is a combination of the typical trick decks "Marked Deck" and "Stripper Deck". You can hit the card you chose from the back, or instantly take out a specific card that you put in a set and shuffled.

Since it can be done easily, it is recommended for those who are learning magic for the first time.

The playing cards are made by Nintendo. Nintendo Co., Ltd. is also known as a manufacturer of high-quality Hanafuda and playing cards. Since the release of magic playing cards, we have asked Nintendo to manufacture for over 50 years.