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Only one of the five strings has a lottery connected to the winning bell.

Have your partner choose 4 strings and use the remaining string as your string.

If you pull out the 4 sticks that your opponent chose, you lose everything.

The string that remains until the end is connected to the hit!

The string you choose is completely free, and even if you change the string in the middle, your opponent will not be able to hit it.


It is a magic with the theme of "luck" that everyone can feel close to.

The secrets hidden in simple tools let you control your winnings.

In addition to how to show that "the opponent can never draw a hit", it also includes how to show "I draw a hit by intuition" and "absolutely successful compatibility fortune-telling".

It's an intuitive and easy-to-understand phenomenon, so it's a fun and mysterious magic that will quickly bring excitement to parties and events.


Concept: Hiroki Tanaka