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Put 6 dice in the case. The protruding eyes are scattered. If you cover the lid and shake it once, it will be lined up in order from 1 to 6.

If you shake it further, the order will be reversed from 6 to 1.

Next, ask your opponent to pick up one of their favorite dice and roll it on the table. Put the remaining dice in the case, put the lid on and shake it once, and all the dice will be aligned.

As you can see when you actually roll the dice, the dice you use are real ones with random numbers. You can freely control the number of the dice!

This magic is based on a magic called "Sure Shot Dice Box" about 100 years ago. It used to be a magic trick where you hit two dice placed in a round case, but by changing the shape from a circle to a square and making the number of dice 6, it was reborn as a magic that can do a number of completely different phenomena. . Since its release in 1976, it is a long-selling product that has always been highly popular.

Created by: Takuya Yoshizawa