Dynamic Coins (100 JPY coins version)

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Five 100-yen coins appear in an empty brass container that has been examined by the opponent. When you cover the coin with the container again, the 100 yen coin disappears and appears from another container. It can penetrate a container, disappear in one's hand, emerge from the opposite container, etc., and then disappear completely again.

Since its release in 1972, it is still one of the most popular magic tricks. When you were a child, I think that there are many people who had someone show them to you, or actually showed them at fun parties. Anyone can do it without fail, and you can show it repeatedly, and even if you hand it to the other person, you won't understand the mechanism. It is ideally suited for those new to Magic as one of their first challenges. If you're wondering which magic to buy, I definitely recommend this dynamic coin.

Development: Hiroshi Kondo, Shigeru Sugawara