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Take a window envelope and put a pen inside to show it is empty. Snap your fingers and the bill will appear in the envelope the next moment! The bill can be removed immediately to show its authenticity.

In the past few years, many Asian magicians such as South Korea and Taiwan have been active in the world of magic, and they are gaining popularity all over the world. Mr. Tran Dang Ninh from Vietnam is also showing the world the magic of great ideas through his company. This magic is one of them, and the Tenyo staff who saw the work were amazed at the impact of the phenomenon, immediately signed a license agreement and started development. In the original plan, I used a kraft paper envelope and it looked natural, but I had to attach another "apparatus" to my jacket in order to show the envelope as soon as I took it out. At Tenyo, we used resin envelopes to improve durability, and redesigned the envelopes so that the function of the "equipment" is built into the envelopes. Don't worry though, you'll need to snap your fingers during the magic. Because there's a secret in the envelope that anyone can snap into. Tenyo staff have shown this magic dozens of times, but no one, including magic experts, has noticed the secret of the sound.

Created by: Tran Dang Ninh (Vietnam)
The stopper construction by: Kenichi Komiya