Hyper ESP Cards

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ESP cards are a set of cards with 5 different marks modeled on the "Zener cards" that were actually used in experiments with supernatural powers. With this card, you can see the mark from a few meters away, and perform various mental magic such as prophecy, mind-reading, and more!

This ESP card has a unique mechanism developed by Tenyo, so that the front can be seen from the back even from a distance. Various devices have been created so far, such as playing cards for magic, so that the front can be seen from the back. However, unlike this ESP card, there is no other card that can be identified even from a distance of several meters, even though the other party cannot find anything suspicious, so it can be said to be epoch-making.

In addition to a set of 25 cards, 11 special gimmick cards are also included. You can enjoy 6 types of magic using these cards. The magic included in the instruction manual is something that anyone can easily do, but it has been evaluated as "professional" by some.


Accessories: ESP card set (36 cards), envelope, card case, manual

Inventing the mechanism of the ESP card: Toru Suzuki
Instructions by: So Sato