In the News (Japanese news paper version plus gimmick)

In the News (Japanese news paper version plus gimmick)

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Fold both sides of the newspaper in half again. I pour the water in the cup inside, but for some reason it does not leak out. Just turn it upside down and Show that the water has disappeared. I open it up one page at a time, but no matter where I open it, there is not a single drop of water. Fold it again, cast a spell on it, and tilt it over a glass to reveal water!

It can be shown in front of a large number of people, so it can be used for parties and It's also perfect for showing at a party. You can use whatever cups you have on hand, so all you need to bring is a piece of newspaper. It is a masterpiece magic that can be done gently using everyday items that look natural.

In addition to the newspaper with the gimmick set in advance, the product also comes with one more gimmick. By all means, set the device in the newspaper of the day and try to act. The more surprised you are when you show it, the more surprised you are.

Bulk buying is also recommended.